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We have new and used boats in stock. Your new boat can be ordered in lots of different colors, finishes and layouts.

Used boats come in almost daily, so our inventory turns quickly. Click the link below to find out more.

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ESP is the top of the line performance package for boats with 8′ 6″ beams. Boats equipped with this package benefit from enhanced stability and water displacement with quick planing and handling characteristics that rival a fiberglass sport boat. Designed for high horsepower applications, ESP is optional on outboard models and comes standard on all I/O models. It includes two 25″ diameter outer pontoons with performance foils, splash fins and .100 gauge aluminum, a patented 32″ Elliptical center pontoon with lifting strakes and an under deck wave shield. The Power-assist steering option and a center fuel tank upgrade is recommended for boats equipped with engines rated at 200 hp or greater and is required on full windscreen models. Check with your local dealer for current maximum engine hp certifications.

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Each and every Bennington is designed, engineered and meticulously hand built with the same level of attention. From our entry level S Series to our flagship QX models; every boat is crafted using the highest quality materials. Whether choosing an ultra-premium vinyl, using stainless steel hardware or scrutinizing the selection of the raw materials

– Every Detail Matters!


When it comes to comfort on the water, Bennington offers the industry’s most sophisticated seating. Our ergonomic design and blend of five compressions of high-density foam provide the perfect combination of support and comfort. From design elements like integrated self-draining channels to the selection of materials our furniture is engineered to resists moisture and mildew.


With the finest craftsmen and first-class upholstery, Bennington is known for its durable and luxurious interiors. Shown here, Simtex™ is soft to the touch, easy to clean, premium vinyl also found in world-class yachts.


Our thicker cross channels provide more vertical strength than the typical channels found on most pontoons. This combined with our extruded M-deck brackets and fanged elevator bolted deck construction minimizes twisting and provides the most solid, quiet pontoon ride in the industry.


How do you build a quality boat, one bolt at a time…

We choose to bond our deck and ¼” thick cross-channel by though-bolting with nylon locking nuts whereas a typical competitor would prefer to use a thinner 1/8″ cross-channel and self-tapping screw.

Fully-welded aluminum construction ensures a far stronger and more rigid structure over the faster and cheaper method of single or even double surface welds.


“When we started Bennington in 1997, we had a vision for our company that included a commitment to continuously improve product quality and quality of life…for our customers, our employees our suppliers and our dealers. Today we are just as committed to our goals as we were when we wrote our vision statement 15 years ago. 

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We know there are some things you cannot compromise, and knowing that our customers are our best asset is among them. At Bennington, customer satisfaction is a must and we won’t compromise the quality that our customers expect. Through word of mouth, dock talk, and the recommendations of friends and family, Bennington has grown to become the most respected name in the pontoon business.

Through hard work, belief in our team and constant innovation Bennington has been honored with more quality and satisfaction awards than any pontoon maker in the industry. We start each and every day with a management meeting that includes our president and CEO, lead engineer, lead designer, lead production director and lead personnel from our sales and customer service departments. With the exception of the holidays, we haven’t missed one in 15 years. That’s dedication. That’s who we are.”               – Bennington Pontoons